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About us

Connecting with the environment through innovative smart sensor solutions.



  1. Development

    Smart Sense is dedicated to developing and continuously improving on our own proprietary solutions. Our team of highly skilled multi-discipline engineers is able to respond to any challenge and create top of the line IoT products, making complex technologies approachable to everyday users.

  2. Production

    Our sizable production capacity enables us to get through and finish complex and demanding projects, reaching ambitious KPI's.

  3. Custom projects

    If there is one thing to be said about all of our projects, it's that they are all unique. We enjoy the diversity of challenges we face and value the opportunity to apply our knowledge of different technologies.

  4. Education

    Continuous education is a two-way street in our case. We are always working, not only on enhancing our expertise, but also on sharing our knowledge and insights with decision makers and the public, spreading the word about the importance of improving our ways of living.

  5. Support

    Using advanced predictive algorithms, our team of experts provides proactive and reactive technical support for every solution commissioned, in every part of the world.


Our solutions are successfully applied in various aspects of work, business and life.


Our partners


We work in close collaboration with our trusted partners.

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Air Quality – Both Challenge and Interest of Tourist Destinations

Smart City & Environment

Air Quality – Both Challenge and Interest of Tourist Destinations

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