Types of partnerships

  1. Value-Added Reseller

    Smart Sense has successfully partnered with leading telecommunication companies, creating premium IoT solutions and making our cities and our homes smarter and more efficient.

  2. Channel Partner

    We're always open to finding new ways of getting our tech out into the world and have extensive experience in close collaboration with distributors, vendors, retailers and other channel partners.

  3. Institutional Partner

    The work we are most proud of is the work that benefits the public. Smart Sense has partnered with dozens of institutional partners, from local government to institutions in science and education, to make crucial public health and microclimate data available to everyone.

  4. Technology Partner

    We are open to collaboration with partners with complementary knowledge and look forward to working together and creating the best possible product.

What we look for in a partner

So far we’ve collaborated with leading tech companies, telecoms, institutions in academia and local governments. The heart of any successful partnership is a shared passion towards building a healthier, a more sustainable and smarter future.

What makes us a good partner?

  • Experience and expertise

    We are dedicated to excellence and have a spotless track record of partnerships with both global leading tech companies and public institutions.

  • Flexibillity

    We are masters of our craft, we write our own software and build our own hardware. Our team is up to any challenge and our products are customizable to your specific needs.

  • Reliability

    Like ourselves, our products are tried and true. Our smart sensors are reliable, durable and report real time data with a high level of accuracy.

  • Support

    Our tech team provides a continuous, proactive and reactive technical support for every solution commissioned, making sure that every sensor is up and running at all times.

Our partners