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Plug&play Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

CO2 levels, particles (PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10), humidity, temperature and other air quality parameters in indoor spaces can have a negative affect on cognitive abilities and help the spread of respiratory system infections. 

My Sensees is a comprehensive air quality monitoring system, continuously tracking key air quality parameters, interpreting data and alerting the user when certain parameters reach critical levels. 

Ensure Optimal Microclimate Conditions 

When CO2 levels get too high, our cognitive functions start deteriorating. We get sleepy, lose concentration and our ability to focus, as well as our productivity, drops. That's why it's important to keep common areas like classrooms or offices ventilated.

Humidity levels can also have a big impact on human health. Dry air, specially during the heating season, can help the spread of acute respiratory diseases, including Covid 19. 

With continuous tracking of temperature levels, not only can we create a more comfortable microclimate, but we can also get better insights into energy usage and use this knowledge to optimize & cut cost. 

Keep Track & Cut Cost 

All of the historical data gathered is stored and accessible through the web & mobile app, allowing the user to analyze it and adjust energy usage accordingly to cut cost. 

The data is presented transparently, displayed with graphic numerical values, and can be used by a professional data analysis service.

Useful knowledge 

If CO2 levels rise above the recommended levels (above 1400 ppm), ventilate the room immediately. Keep windows open for at least 3-5 minutes in the winter and 10-20 in the summer. 

Optimal humidity levels are between 40 and 60%. If recorded levels are continuously below these numbers, consider installing humidifiers.

During heating season, optimal indoor temperature is between 19-22 °C. Regulate heating, adjust it to optimal temperature and save money on energy consumption. 

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