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Smart Environment for Air Quality and 5G Monitoring

Technology development, among many positive changes and consequences, also brings number of challenges to our society and it is no wonder that there is usually some resistance to deployment of new technologies. One of the latest examples of such resistance is related to 5G technology. For example, research conducted in France in 2020 shows that 39 % of respondents1 were against the 5G deployment near them, half of them2 were concerned about possible health risks related to electromagnetic fields and 20 % of them3 were supporting destruction of cell towers as a sign of protest against 5G deployment. This research is one among many suggesting the need for better communication between providers and consumers regarding 5G technology.

A1 Slovenija recognized this need and decided to monitor the environmental impact of their first 5G base station installed in Ljubljana in 2019. To achieve that, we at Smart Sense have collaborated with Končar – Electrical Engineering Institute in development of Smart Environment – air quality and electromagnetic field radiation monitoring system. It consists of number of sensors related to air quality such as concentrations of CO, O3, SO2, NO, NO2, PM1.0, PM2.5 and PM10, and levels of atmospheric pressure, relative humidity and temperature. Also, it is integrated with system for measuring levels of electromagnetic fields in a predefined frequency range and all the measurement data is being sent to central cloud system. 

Led by desire to create a comprehensive picture of both 5G technology operation and of any impact it may have on environment, A1 Slovenija decided to be transparent with measurement data and to make it available to public on website4. In this way, everyone can see parameters of air quality and levels of electromagnetic radiation, both past and real-time values.

We believe that openness and data transparency are prerequisites for successful deployment of every new technology and that A1 Slovenija has set good example for it. We are proud that we can provide public with tool to monitor any impacts of 5G technology on environment which, we believe, will lead to greater acceptance of it. 


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