Case studies Combining indoor and outdoor air quality data – next step in air quality management

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Combining indoor and outdoor air quality data – next step in air quality management

In 2019, Karlovac city started a SenzoriKA – a project aiming to ground the foundation of Smart city Karlovac initiative. In it, a higher efficiency of city institutions and projects is planned to be achieved through building a network of smart sensors and energy metering devices. When it comes to air quality sensors, we are pleased to state that our Smart Sense Indoor device My Sensees has proven itself worthy of the task. 

My Sensees device is being used in the number of schools in Karlovac and it contains sensors for temperature, relative humidity, VOCs and CO2 concentration. It enables integration of additional sensors like light, PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10 and others. Measured data is being sent to central cloud using LoRaWAN technology where it can be used for real-time monitoring and data analysis. Due to number of research correlating indoor air quality with overall health, concentration and cognitive abilites of people breathing that air, importance of monitoring air quality in institutions like schools become obvious. It is the first step to improving indoor air quality, and consequently to improving learning environment for the pupils.

In the next phase of this project, it is expected that My Sensees device will be installed in other schools, kindergartens and public institutions. However, Smart Sense will contribute not just in area of indoor, but also outdoor air quality monitoring. Our station for indicative air quality measurement, Sensees.Environment will be installed in the number of locations around the city enabling real-time monitoring of air quality with greater geographical resolution than with only fixed measurement station. 

Some of the outdoor stations will be installed near schools that have indoor devices, enabling analysis of combined indoor and outdoor air quality data which will lead to even better understanding of air quality trends and provide better air quality management guidelines. We are looking forward to continuation of this project and seeing its results.